Button Quinn - Contemporary Artist

Button Quinn (707) 472-6421
P.O. Box 1204
Mendocino, CA 95460
E-mail: button@mcn.org

Born Long Island, N. Y. Family moved to UK when I was two, brought up in England, the eighth
of nine girls and one boy, lived in Scotland, Wales, Holland, Ireland, Spain, New Zealand,
Waiheke Island and moved to California in 1977. She has three daughters born 1975, 1982 and 1985.


1980-81 College of the Redwoods, Fort Bragg, California, Etching, N'ima Leveton.

1972-73 Robert Brothers Circus, England, Trapeze Artist.

1969-71 Bringham Theater School, Bringham, England. Studied under Dame Sybil Thorndike Costume design and drama.

1966 Somerset College of Fine Arts, Taunton, England

1967-65 St Mary's Convent, Shaftesburg England. 'A' Levels in English Literature, Art and Sewing.

1963-64 Hengrave Hall, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England.


1975 Barry Lett Gallery, Auckland , New Zealand. Batik paintings.

1977 Open Studio South of the Market, San Francisco. Acrylic paintings.

1977 Art Co-op Group Show., San Francisco. "Mannequin Show", sculpture.

1978 Mendocino Art Center-Mendocino Group Show, Merit Award for "Big Sur" painting, Acrylic and Felt Pen.

1979 Incestuous Rubber Stamp Company Mendocino, California. Acrylic paintings and etchings.

1980 Rubber Stamp Company, Mendocino, California, "Some Works, Some Don't".

1982 College of the Redwoods, Fort Bragg. Calif. Etchings.

1987 Mendocino Cafe, "Family Portraits, acrylic paintings.

1989 Mendocino Cafe, "Blue Freeze", English landscapes, acrylic paintings.

1989 Caspar Studio, Caspar, California. Screen printing, T -shirts and Fabric.

1990 Caspar Studio, The Screen Show", Dividing Screens, wood and canvas, and batik silk fabric.

1990 Caspar Studio, "The Love Show" Acrylic and silk-screened fabric.

1990 Mendocino Art Center, members show, Acrylic painting.

1991 Red Barn Studio, Albion CA. "Earth Spirit", multi-media installation and exhibit.

1992 Mendocino Cafe. Mendocino, California. "17 Days on the Road", acrylic paintings.

1993 Open Studio, Dixon, New Mexico. Acrylic paintings and faux painted furniture.

1993 Fort Bragg Center of the Arts, Fort Bragg, California. Acrylic painting.

1994 Red Barn Studio, Albion, California, Acrylic paintings and fabric art.

1994 Mendocino Cafe, California, Acrylic paintings of Native American pottery.

1994 Mendocino Cafe, Mendocino, California. "Tea Time", batik paintings.

1995 La Petite Gallerie, Mendocino, California. Xerox of slides.

1995 Wilkessport Gallery, Mendocino, California. "Off the Wall", acrylic paintings.

1995 Albion Post Office Community Gallery , Albion, California. Acrylic painting.

1995 Stem Grove, Mendocino in the City", San Francisco. Group show, Acrylic painting.

1996 Rubber Stamp Gallery, Mendo. Ceramic plates

1997 Mendocino café, Mendo. Landscapes, acrylic

1998 Thanksgiving Coffee Company, Fort Bragg, paintings, acrylic

1999 Mendocino Art Co –op, Mono prints

1999 Spring Grove Art Show,San Francisco. Paintings

2000 Mendocino Art Co-op, paintings, acrylic

2001 LAFOCO, Los Angeles. "Anti War" paintings, and video.

2001 Blackcat Gallery, Los Angeles, paintings acrylic

2002 Blackcat gallery, Los Angeles, sculpture, bronze

2004 DLD, London, Group show(, “Its all Relative” family.) Painting

2005 Sifnos Island Greece, Mural painting on To Kyma Taverna, Faros.

2006 Apollonia Gallery, Sifnos, Greece.“Found Objects” wood, paint and wire.

2007 Christi’s Bar, Frome. Somerset. UK “Found Object, wood, paint and wire.

2007 Bowlish Gallery, Shepton Mallet. Somerset. UK Paintings .

2008 Beckington Café, Becking, Somerset, UK Paintings, collage

Kastro Exhibition Space Sifnos, Greece . Paintings,Bronze Sculpture. Group show with Students from my painting class

Albion Artist,s Tea House, Albion, California.USA

2013 Partners, Fort Bragg. California . June-July


I was taught how to sew by my mother, when I was 10 years old or so, sewing up many outfits on my miniature sewing machine, many using recycled fabric.

In 1974 I moved to New Zealand, worked for "La Moda Bella a couture fashion house, my first experience in producing a traditional jeans line. I also produced and sold a series of Batik Paintings.

In 1975 I moved to U .S.A. and worked with the 'Oingo Boingo' rock and roll band as stage manager and costume director.

In 1978 I started A STITCH IN TIME, a textile restoration company based in San Francisco. I worked on commissions for private collectors as well as The Victoria and Albert Museum, London, The Auckland City Museum, New Zealand, the De Young Museum, San Francisco, Christies, London and New York, and Sotheby's of London.

In 1980 in Amsterdam I started WIDE OPEN DESIGNS, a fabric design business. I was also a guest lecturer at the AKI Kunst Academie, Enschede, Twente, Holland, teaching Urban Design and Installation Art to Fashion and Architecture students.

1990 to present, MENDOFAUX, Mendocino, California specializing in interior faux painted surfaces, for home and furniture.


1973-74 Wallingford Mental Hospital, nurse's aid, started 'Beauty Parlor' on the women's ward.

1975 Halfway House for Battered Women, Auckland, New Zealand. In charge of occupational therapy, art and gardening.

1983 Albion Whale School, Parent volunteer, art teacher.

1989 Mendocino Elementary School. Guest art teacher.

1991 Mendocino Art Center, After Hours Art Club, for the local.

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